Anyone good with computers?? big problem

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Jan 26, 2009
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dammit... my dad being the genius he is did something to the networking and now my computer is dead...

he tried to update the wireless networking but something went wrong... i was on the computer and he screamed at me to turn it off so i did...

now every time i turn it on it says something along the line of "microsoft has encountered an error due to a possible new hardware or software" something... we called up microsoft and the guy told us to start your computer regularily but that didn't help and microsoft has no idea what there talking about...

asus is only working weekdays...

i have no idea whats happening... i cant even get into the setup screen and my dad is going frikken insane... please help...

We have to know EXACTLY what the error message is. Word for word.
Please post the following to assist with resolving the problem:

  1. Operating System. (i.e. Win95, 98, ME, XP)
  2. Exact Error Message.
  3. Sequence of events prior to error.
  4. Description of new hardware.

    I can only assume, since your still posting that either the error is fatal or you have access to another computer.

    Tell your dad not to worry, it's probably just a software configuration issue. It's really hard to break a PC, it's just real easy to mess up the configuration! :D
wow do i feel like an idiot

cd drive cable was loose

now im in safe mode im good

Working on computers is a learning experience... and even with all my experience building them, I still learn something new every project. Sometimes every day. For example.... today I was working on a machine for Olga... I noticed that one of the wires was dropping towards the processor fan... just to be safe, I decided to move the wire... but I was not wearing my glasses...

Lets just say my finger is a little shorter now... :eek:

Fortunatly, what was cut off will grow back...
processor fan actually did that? i use the stock heatsink and all for my warranty but wow...
LOL, Delta n3tjm? ;) Fan guards are cool, I learned as you did. :)
I built a nice P4 system for my buddy with a Intel MB and retail processor and HS. He was real happy with his new box, but called me a couple of days later and said it was showing a temp warning. I was a little surprised, but stuff happens, so I told him to take it easy and I got him a couple of case fans. I went to his place and installed them, certain that would cure the problem. As I sat there the temp monitors were all way green, so I got up to leave. We chatted for a few minutes, and I decided to check the temps once more, and sure enough, one probe was creeping toward the red. As I sat down at the desk, I felt HOT air rushing up my pant leg. The furnace vent was under that side of the desk and hot air was being pulled right up into the case. My new fans actually made it WORSE! We moved the case to the other side of the desk and everything is "cool" again. I guess I better stick to rockets.