Anyone familiar with Granbury (sp), TX?

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Feb 13, 2010
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I'm going to Granbury, TX to visit my girlfriend's parents this coming weekend. Since it's a rural area and I live in the big city, I thought I might find some good launch sites while I have the chance. Anyone familiar with the area? Know of any good launch sites? Feel free to post this on the "You might be a maniac..." thread!:D (Seems fitting.):p
Granbury is about an hour away from me. When people say 'Granbury' around here, it really covers a lot more than the town, there is a lot of development going on all around there. A few of the guys at work live out there, and I will ask about suitable places for launching.

Granbury is growing, getting considerably bigger over the past ten years. Lots of folks from Fort Worth who want to 'live in the country' buy homes out there, also lots of retirees who want to live by the lake and spend their time fishing. But it's a nice little town.

You may want to plan to spend some time at the Pate Museum of Transportation. It is up Hwy 377, about halfway to Benbrook (S.W. Fort Worth). I have not been out there lately, but it used to be free. They have old army tanks that kids can crawl on, old airplanes, couple of barns full of old cars, and lots of stuff to look at.

Myself, I am going to be in Waxahachie (the other direction, south of Dallas) on Friday and Saturday, or else I would come out to meet you! Sorry to miss the chance---
Check out the drive in theatre, it's one of the few left. They have a wierd sandwich there called the Chiuahah.
Powderburner: I went there in January and I remember being pretty close to the "Square" I guess it's like the downtown of Granbury. So I guess I will be pretty close to smack dab in the middle of the twon of Granbury. I think we were a couple of miles from the lake.

SecretSquirrel and powderburner: Thanks for the sightseeing tips, we will probably be searching for something to do, that is, if we aren't launching rockets the whole time!

Max, if you were pretty close to the square then you have probably already seen a bunch of what there is to see. Granbury is mostly B-n-Bs and antique shops and Texas tourist shops, or else fishing. Lots of retired people in the vicinity. There is a W-Mart (if you have to), but I don't think there is much in the way of a hobby shop, or even a craft store that might carry any rocket stuff.
Still, it is kind of fun to walk around the square and kill a couple hours poking around the shops. You could impress your girlfriend by showing her that you don't have be launching rockets ALL the time!
Weather here has been chilly, wet, and violent this past weekend but is supposed to be 80s and sunny for the next week. It is usually quite gusty/windy around N. Texas and you may have trouble finding a field big enough to ensure recovery, if it is safe to launch at all.
I have not been to the Granbury city park myself (on west end of Bus. 377) but I am told it has some baseball fields and open space that might do for a launch. I don't know though, when I looked it up on a map it is only one mile away from their little airport and it might be a bad idea to launch your 4xD-powered moon lander. You might have to look around some other part of town.
I don't know that I recommend the following, because it's kinda tacky to go visit someone's parents and then drive off for the day, but if you want to go somewhere there is the Dinosaur Valley State Park (the place where you can see the fossilized dinosaur footprints in the river) and the Fossil Rim Animal Park (you can drive through and see a bunch of 'wild' animals), both are a couple miles (4-5?) west of Glen Rose, which itself is 1/2 hour south of Granbury.
Good restuarants in the area include Pasta Fina (italian; about a mile south of the square on S. main st.), Don Ayala's (mexican; east of the south end of the lake), and a lot of others I have no idea about. I know there is a Chili's on Hwy 377 right before you get to town, and there is the usual assortment of fast food holes.
If you absolutely MUST have some rocket stuff, the closest hobby shop with anything of interest is in S.W. Fort Worth. Olde Time Hobbies is just off S. Loop 820/I-20, take the Trail Lake exit and go one block south, it will be on your left at the back of the shopping center (go behind the Sonic drive-in). I think their store is labeled 'Toy Shoppe' or something like that. But I warn you: the girlfriend (and especially her parents) will not think it's cool for you to spend two hours driving in to Fort Worth chasing rocket stuff.
heads up, Max Power;

This area has been dry since the storms last weekend, most fields should be dried out fairly well.
Daytime temps are supposed to be in the mid-80s. Winds gusting to 15-25 mph (kinda high, typical for around here). No rain in forecast. Sunny, partly cloudy.
I'd say it's a toss-up whether you should bring gear to launch stuff in Granbury----you might have acceptable weather, you might not.
I guess I'd better post so you guys don't do anymore work. (I thought this post would just die out, so sorry):eek: I won't be going to Granbury after all. The little woman found out about the whole rocket idea, got mad, had fight broke up.:kill: Oh well, at least I've got my precious precious rockets. :D

JUST KIDDING!! The misses actually supports my habit!;) (that's right, habit!)aint she grand? Actually, the Granbury trip just didn't work out this time. Thanks a ton for all the info/advice! I'll store it away for future reference. I told the g/f about some of it and she was like, "Oh yeah! that's pretty cool, we should do that" and stuff. Anyway, thanks!