Anybody sell 38mm full length couplers?

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Feb 19, 2017
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So I'm planning a far future scale modeling project that needs a tube 1.5" in diameter. I immediately thought of 38mm couplers, but I need it in 15.5 inch sections. Does anyone sell cardboard 38mm couplers in longer sections? The only one I've found is Blue Tube which I'd rather avoid as this isn't a high stress component and I'm right on the edge of enough railspeed as it is, so the extra weight hurts.

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If you contact Loc I believe they will sell you a full length of 38mm coupler stock. Depending on dimension of the scale a full section of BT60 coupler from BMS is a possible option as well and slightly lighter weight too.
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Loc Precision will have them. The 38mm MMT in the Forte alone is something like 24"
Thanks all!

Sounds like contacting LOC is the best option. BT-60 couplers are too big, but Semroc BT-58 coupler would be even better- anyone sell that in larger lengths?

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