Anybody recognize this? 12" mesh chute

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Desert Rat Rocketeer
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Mar 23, 2011
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Goodyear, AZ
Got a bunch of these several years ago, along with some nylon streamers , and can't find where I got them.... Work great for smaller dual deploy drogues. Any help would be appreciated.


Could that be from one of those toy parachutists that were sold years ago? I seem to recall looking at them, but not having a need for them.

I have several sizes of those, don't use them as sometimes they have a hard time opening.
I think it might have been for a toy soldier originally, but rocketguy101 gave me a link to what looks like the same stuff. I will be making an order shortly. I don't think they open like a regular chute, I use them to pull the streamer out of it's pocket. Makes for a great visual aid when little rockets go very high...
Thanks to all that responded.
Over here in Germany, those are about the only parachutes you can find on the toy soldiers nowadays. Sold at the German version of dollar type stores. I thought about using them but thought that the mesh would add too much weight.