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Jun 24, 2012
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Just got back into rocketrey, any I'm getting ready to build the comanche-3, i plan to use Micro-fill on the fins and any outher place i feel would be good, this is the first time i have used this stuff, and really want this to turn out nice. so any sujestions on using Mico-fill and what paints to use for a good looking finish. thanks, i will post pic's of the build,
I've seen this stuff at one of my local hobby shops but I have never given it a try. I use thinned Elmer's Fill'N Finish on balsa and Krylon paints almost exclusively. I will be anxious to hear your opinion about the Micro Fill.
krylon you mean the same as you buy at any hard ware store? and it is fine on the plastic NC. also I will be sure to let you know how the micro fill works.
Yes, I usually get mine at Wally World for less than $3 per can. For plastic make sure you wash it, sand it and prime it (also Krylon) before spraying your color coat.