Any success finding a launch field?

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Jan 17, 2009
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How many NAR/TRA clubs share a field with an AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics) section? We are trying to start a NAR section and we are looking for a field. There are literally dozens of AMA clubs near us and I didn't realize until recently that the AMA also endorses (if that is the right word) rocketry. Some of these RC airplanes are huge and I would think need quite a bit of land for safe flying. So I'm just wondering if anyone else has taken this approach looking for a club field and how successful you were? I did notice that the AMA's insurance coverage seems much better, particularly for the landowners, but then again they have over 170,000 members.
Its a Hit or Miss proposition...
It will depend on the AMA club... for example in the past I was allowed to
launch model rockets up on AMA fields but only because I was also an AMA

Currently the BluesRockS NAR section shares an old landfill flying site with
the local AMA club and we were welcomed with open arms.....they are one end
flying model aircraft while we are at the other end laucnhing rockets......
I personally approached and talked ti the clubs RSO and he informed me there
would be no problem as model rockets had been launched off and on down
through the years at this fact some of the AMA members used to
even launch model rockets....

I also have literally been run off AMA fields when I have approached them
towards allowing model rocketry.......