Any other hobbies?

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dr wogz

Fly caster
Feb 5, 2009
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Land of Poutine!
Apart for Rocketry,
we all must have another hobby, or maybe a few?!

Mine are:
RC airplanes,
Chain Mail (wire weaving, not the "mass mailings in hope to get my wish to come true"..)
paper models
paintball is my only other hobby. it's what i live for besides rocketry:D
Stock Car Racing and computer are fun but spoiling the grandkids has to be #1
I collect Big Bang cannons. I even fire them off from time to time.

I also play with model steam engines, Jensen and Wilesco.
-Keeping freshwater aquariums
-Nitro and electric RCs
-Computers and networking
-Car audio (two vehicles)
-Video games (Xbox, Cube, PS2, GBA)
-Home theater

Once I come across some more expensive hobbies, I will be sure to pick up on those too :p
I collect Big Bang cannons. I even fire them off from time to time.

I also play with model steam engines, Jensen and Wilesco.
I've only just started but I'm well and truely addicted - Power Kiting!

My other interests are electronics and a *bit* of photography.
playing guitar

pictured from left to right

Gibson Les Paul std (flame top)
Charvel Jackson
Takamini Acoustic
Ibanez Iceman

I'm holding an Ace Frehley Les Paul

My main rig is a Peavey EVH 5150
Just like rocketry, pretty much every hobby I had as a kid or teenager, reborn:
- Roleplaying games
- Collecting Star Wars toys (esp. action figures)
- Collecting Hot Wheels

Still trying to figure out how to tie rockets and golf together? Now that would be fun!


Having enough time to build....

N and HO Scale Rockets, I mean trains....I think the rockets are S scale....


Computer Heart doctor.

Spending time with family.

Acrylic painting.

Computer art.



That about sums it up!

I am sure it is about that way with anyone else! NEVER ENUFF TIME!

As of now just rockets... But I'm thinking of getting into-

Control line planes
ham radio
Ohyeah- blowguns :D I have a Terminator 48".
Originally posted by Dr Wogz
Apart for Rocketry,
we all must have another hobby, or maybe a few?!

No; But I build and design electronics, run computer simulations, take digital photographs and publish magazine articles for the model rocketry hobby.

Bruce S. Levison, NAR #69055
Originally posted by Blue_Ninja_150

Ohyeah- blowguns :D I have a Terminator 48".

yea i forgot to mention that.

blowguns are tons of fun......unless of corse you shoot in the house.
Originally posted by JoJo
yea i forgot to mention that.

blowguns are tons of fun......unless of corse you shoot in the house.

yeah so...

I shoot in the house all the time! I have a cardborad box that the target darts don't vaporize in. I cna always retrieve them after i shoot in the house, unless the cap comes off and the dart shoots somewhere. which, i may add, has only happened once. And that was the first day I had the blowgun and I hadn't CAed the caps on.
I play paintball too Jojo. I would suppose you've been to either Pev's (AG) or Skyline (or both).

I'll be taking my nephew to Skyline for his birthday on the 26th(he turns 10 and has been waiting 2 years to play paintball with me). :D
Oh yeah- photography! I'm not really into it, i just take a lot of pics. Karl, do you hvae a darkroom?
There are other hobbies?

One I have is finding ways to con my wife into letting me spend the money!

I am also into Home Theater (Currently have a DTS certified 7.1 system and a 61" DLP display)

Still play with my original vice which was home audio although after the first $20K I've kinda leveled out.

Of course the hot tub is fun

I want to get into R/C airplanes - Park Flyers

By now you have probably figured out I am a DINKWAD

Double Income No Kids With A Dog.

at one time or another, in the last 35 years (i'm 42) i've been into:

Tropical fish - keeping, breeding
Reptiles - keeping, breeding commercially
Rock Climbing - 8 years lead experience 5.11bolts/5.10 natural pro
Racing - Quarter midgets when i was a kid, motorcycles as a teen, drag racing now
model car collecting
photography - check out my portfolio online @
R/C - nitro/electric cars, boats, planes
control line/free flight planes
mineral collecting
snake hunting

prolly missing something ot another...
RC Airplanes (On Hold)
Cow-Tipping (Got three just this weekend)
Snipe Hunting
Prop Wash collecting
I've had to slow down a bit since my Back injury in 2000.

but I still love my guitars. Fender strat and a 6 and 12 string acoustics.
singing, occasionally write a tone or two.

N and HO Railroading. have a small 48x96x 16"deep 3 level 4 cab. layout, I haven't really done a lot with since 1980.

Carpentry, woodworking, cabinet making, really like the old time are of inlaying.
Metal work, mostly aluminum and Stainless in the home shop.
self taught electronics, LED and strobe lighting system..back to rocketry:)
Model design, especially cluster altutude on-going 1/8A-C power levers design and testing.
Leather work: Belts, quivers, armguards, holsters, carry and stroage gear.
Geology: Study of formations in and around the blue ridge mountains. collecting ancient sharks teeth from White Cliffs area.
Camping, Back packing, wilderness servival, pioneering, and all that BSA stuff.
Canoeing and all water sports.
Stamp, Coin and Eagle collecting.
Playing Chess.
OH yea and I build an ocasional model rocket;)
Call me boring, but for now, I've just got rocketry. My occupation doesn't allow me much more time for hobbies than just one, and my apartment doesn't accomodate all the stuff for more than just one! Over my lifetime, though, I've done everything from competitive (x-country) running to keyboarding to cross-stitch to cooking (I make a mean apple pie). Now, I come home, spend some time with my wife, build rockets, and sleep.

Golf Course Design for PGA 2000 - I've recreated 2 real courses - Portmarnock Golf Club in Dublin Ireland, and National Golf Links of America (NGLA) in Southampton, NY. I'm currently working on The Lido Club - a design by Charles Blair MacDonald (C.B) which was built in 1918 and destroyed by the Navy when they bought the land in 1939 to provide an eastern defensive position prior to WW2.

I also study Classic Golf Course Architecture, and have a website devoted to the classic holes of the game.

Golf is a deep love for me, along with Rocketry - so I do graphic design as well, and am a 6 hdcp in golf.

Scale Rocketry is my other love, and after helping solve the Nike-Sandhawk debate, I'm even deeper in love with scale designs.

Originally posted by Darian Rachal
I'm surprised inline skating & skydiving is not on your list. :cool:

skydiving...not gonna jump out of a perfectly good airplane
inline skating takes coordination...i lack much of that...
Originally posted by revkeith

Still trying to figure out how to tie rockets and golf together? Now that would be fun!


Rocket Golf: (This was proposed a few years ago, kinda fizzled out)

You need a launch pad that can be aimed in any direction. Make several rockets with whiffle golf ball on a 6" length of BT20 and fins. Make sure they are stable with C motors. Have available a large collection of 18 mm motors 1/2A through C.
You will also need a regular golf ball and putter.

Set up pad on tee and launch rocket (hopefully) down fairway. Bring pad to where rocket lands and continue launching until the rocket lands on the green. Once there, substitute regular ball and putt it in. The trick is selecting the proper motor and launch angle to minimize the flights to the green.

Have fun!
I failed to mention, vent the ejection charge. You want the rocket to free fall streamlined. It won't hit as hard as a regular golf ball.