Any of you hear of this company?

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Mini 14

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Nov 30, 2004
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Have any of you heard of a company called Starlight Model Rocketry? I picked up one of their kits at the local hobby shop today (F-32 Avenger). It looks kinda cool, should be anyway...
Yup, Starlight makes some quality kits, which is par for the course in LPR.

I've built their Nimbus, Nano, Firestar and Micro. I also have the Queeze-Bee and Spike in my construction stash somewhere. The instructions leave a little bit to be desired, but all things considered the ones I've built were worth the money I paid.

There's been a notice in a couple of those kits saying they've replaced the original foam NCs with balsa for quality. I'm all for the balsa anyways. Post some photos when you start building it!