any mtn. bikers out there

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Rob Fisher

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Jan 23, 2004
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just wonderin-took my first ride of the season last weekend at Castlewood State Park and had a great time.
I love Mtn. biking. I just bought a Specialized "Hardrock" I'm just getting into it and it's a blast! Here in Houston, we have a park that is basically a forest called Memorial Park and they created some really wicked Mtn. biking trails all throughout the forest. It's really good for a big city built on a flat swamp:p
Yea, it's fun. Whenever I go to Colorado, I usually take my bike up to Dillon/ Summit County and ride from Dillon to Frisco, once I rode from Breckenridge to Frisco. Thats like 9 miles, mostly uphill. I wimped out and took the bus after i arrived at Frisco.

What speed bike do you guys have? Mine is a trek something or other, 24 speeds.
My bike has 24 gears. I can't really say what brand of bike I have because I put the entire thing together, part by part over the internet. My frame is an 03 Access from Supergo, mostly all Shimano LX components, Manitou 6 deluxe fork, Avid disc brakes and thudbuster suspension seatpost. I'll try and post a pic. later. thanks.
I go out with 2 friends at least once a week and solo other days. NH has lots of good rides. My favorite is a town forest called Fort Rock, emphasis on the Rock. This is the Granite State! It's all boney single track and a lot of it is more trail than I am rider. Right now everything from rocket fields to riding trails is just swamped from the recent rains, Noah came by looking for some animals the other day. As soon as it dries I'll be bouncing off the trees again.

I ride a Trek 830 that I bought off a guy for $30. It was under his porch and getting rusty so I made an offer. It's really a nice bike. It's an upgrade from the old hard-nose Montana Decsent bone- crusher I used to ride. I use toe clips because the way I break things, it's a long walk out in clipless shoes.:eek: