Any MC2 launch attendees out there?

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Sep 12, 2002
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I was just wondering if anyone is getting pumped yet about the 1st section launch for MC2 in Manchester TN. It is two weeks from tomorrow!

I have lost some motivation lately on the rocket front and hope for some excitement to get the juices flowing. I would love to read about some new projects I might get to see!
Yeah Baby!

I'll be there with some of my smaller winter projects...I hope my son will get a chance to fly his Richter Recker on (3) D12's.

Chuck Pierce of HARA is supposed to bring back his 5.5" Rapier and try the HyperTEK "L" again...

I know of a Level one attempt by a gentleman named Clark from the Birmingham Rocket boys...

There are others coming from HARA of Huntsville, AL and B'Ham, AL that will be burning some AP G-J motors.

I have not attended a launch since the EX launch on the OrangeBurg sodfarm last Nov.
I plan on coming down for the first launch. I've built my 29mm Fat Boy, that I plan on launching tomorrow at the BluesRockS launch. If I get it back, it'll be making another flight at Manchester. I've got one other special flight that I plan for tomorrow, but I'm not talking about it much (don't want to jinx myself).
Most of what I've been building over the winter, is actually smaller stuff. The increasing motor costs, and regulations have kind of rekindled my mod rock interests. I've got an Estes V2 (4 inch), that I'm hoping to have done, and an Orbital Transport.
...I am trying to get my Semroc Hydra VII ready for the launch...tough going though...we'll see.
I'm ready...I have a lot to bring to MC2...mostly F and G stuff

Astrowolf. I hope you can bring the 29mm fatboy!
I still need to fly the Aries(Big Daddy) and Estes Phoenix(both 29mm)
I also have a 18mm Bomarc clone I found some reloads for..he he
The Fat Boy flew today on a G35, and all I can say is it WENT!! I even got it back after walking about a mile. It did have a small tear at the top of the body tube, but nothing that some CA can't fix in time for the 18th. It will fly again. I plan to put a small ball or something where the shock cord meets the body tube to help prevent another tear. The mmt into the nose worked great for a wadding free recovery system!
Weather is looking a little cool, KEWL that is for rockets in Manchester!!!

Family and I are going in force, and hope to get in a couple of flights for all...wife is going to try and get paint on her TRES so she can fly it, and I hope to get in a flight of my Vaughn Brothers B.o.B. rocket that I tried to do a how-to on the Mid-power forum...did not have time to get an H165R for the B.o.B. though. :mad: My boy hopes to cluster his Richter Recker, and my daughter wants to fly her Barbie Deuce (Barbie's gone Wild).

Be there or you'll miss a good one...
I'm afraid we are having to scrub our plans to make the trip down tomorrow. My colon has quit functioning properly, and has me down for the second time in as many weeks. I've got to go to the hospital here in a bit to have some tests and CT scans done. Who knows, I may wake up in the morning feeling good enough to go, and if so, I'm going. This has me a little scared, and I want to do as much as possible to get my mind off of it. But, if we don't make it, you all have fun!! There's always next month, and ST2004 (which I WILL NOT miss).

I hope all turned out allright with you...

The launch was a raving success, as there was easy about a 150 yards of carline maybe more. The winds were light, and the temps were borderline, edging towards the warm side.

The HyperTEK pad took a beating, or I should say that the H'TEK pad beat Mr. Chuck Pierce to pieces...The L in his Rapier burned through the side of his rocket about 150' off of the pad, and literally burned his rocket to the ground. He tried his BSD Thor, and upon ignition, the plastic fuel grain Cato'd eliminating everything from just above the fins pieces to be found!

Lots of good flying, and lots of people doing the flying. My plans changed as my daughter was sick, so the wife stayed home with the kids, and I ventured solo. I got in a flight on my "nude" Honest John burning an Aerotech F24 24mm reload. I had a semi successful flight with a rocket I called Black...flew it on a G64...the delay was a little long, so the end result was a zipper that makes the rocket about 12" shorter :D This day was still better than my best day at work. There was a large turn-out of a crew from B'Ham (Birmingham Rocket Boys).

John Story put up a B-E-A-utiful Sandia Sandhawk on a HyperTEK L motor one of the best flights of the launch. Lee Brock of B'Ham, and Max Gray put a 4" rocket up on a K550...and recovered it! what a flight.

wish there were more people there...Stymye? I don't remember seeing you there, lost ya in a crowd maybe? :D
unfortunately, because of a last minute issue,I couldn't make it there in time, major bummer...I will be there for the next one tho, and most definately for Southern Thunder

this is only the third MC2 launch I've missed since the start of the club,I'm sure we will meet at one of the next ones,,I also plan on a few trips to HARA

sounds like I missed a good one

David ,I hope you get to feeling better soon,
and hopefully,I'll see you all next time

10-4 on the major bummer...

as for coming to a HARA launch...until further notice of any new field possibilities, all HARA launches will be in Manchester, TN. I believe we are to run next months launch in Manchester with our equipment???


Anyone know if any of those "BIRMINGHAM BOYS" managed to certify L1?...I just got back in town and haven't been able to get anybody on the phone...Thanks...!!!
I believe there were 3 successful L1 certs from the B'Ham Rocket Boys, and 1 from HARA...
I went to the launch. It was awesome! It was the first time I saw anything above an H launch (unless you count the Student Launch Initiative, but I was too far away to get the thrill). After yesterday, I don't think I will ever fly hybrids. There were so many that CATOed. I flew my Sky Scorcher (look in the mid power forum and dig up an old thread called rocket prjects, it is the orange and yellow one without the gray altimeter bay) on a G64. It went to apporx 2000 feet. I had small glue fillets and a fin broke off. I flew my Eye in the Sky 4 on a central D12-5 and 3 C6 ourboards. I plugged the outboards with epoxy so I didn't have to worry about venting, but two of the three charges went off, ripping the outboards off the rocket. Only one was still attached. I have the piece of another one. The video wasn't as good as I would have liked. It was very dizzy. I flew my Horizon on a H128. Boost was good. Recovery was not. Parachute was atngled. Came in a little hard, but reapirable. Too read more info on the Horizon flight, check out ht e thread in the HPR forum call 4 inch BSD Horizon. It was an awesome launch.
The MC2 launch was my first "club" launch and man what a great time it was. Even managed to send the trusty Initiator up once. Gotta get an L1 bird together. Now if I can just get the LEUP app finished:D
That initiator had a great flight! I think you had the only one at the launch. I never did get to meet you though. Anways, today I going to get my Horizon back (I left it with Chuck Andrus as well as my Sky Scorcher) and see what can of damage needs to be fixed. Anyways, I can't wait untill Southern Thunder! :D :D :D

At that launch I will be flying my big 9ft tall, 4 inch diamter ANDRUS 1 on a J415W!!!!!! It's going to be AWESOME!!!!!!
Sorry I missed everyone. The tests results were bad enough they kept me for a few days. After seeing the posts on HARA's group, and the pics Jason posted, it sounds like I missed a heck of a launch. I look forward to meeting the Birmingham Boys at a future launch though!

Havoc, the hybrids aren't usually that bad. Matter of fact, I had never seen one have problems until the launch last August, and then hearing about Saturday's problems.

I was looking forward to putting my Fat Boy up again on another G35, only with a streamer this time :)

Glad to hear the weather held, and there were quite a few impressive flights!!
The April launch was a little more lightly attended than March, hopefully everyone is saving up for ST2004. Things are really coming together on the organizational side for the launch. We have our vendors on line, and we have more donations coming in all the time for prizes/raffle/give-away stuff. We have everything from Art Applewhite's kits to some Fiberglassing supplies from Mr. Fiberglass (, and glow-in-the dark paint from Glow, inc.

Speaking of Glow in the Dark Paint...what are you guys planning for the night launch on Saturday? Anyone ever done one of these things? We are going to try to shoehorn a laser level into the MC3 (Music City Missile Club Mach Contender), assuming that it survives its trip through the sound barrier and back. With the spin on that thing, we should get a really nice sheet of laser reflecting off the smoke in the air.

Any other thoughts for the night launch?
Sounds like that would be a sight to see!! I've been thinking of getting one of Art's saucer kits, and lighting it up with some bright LED's. A 29mm saucer on a G35 should light the sky up pretty good.
I got the clear plastic tubing in, and pried the spreading optic out of my buddy's laser level (think he will miss it?). Now all I need to do is build up a couple bulkheads, and an electronics board, zip tie everything in place, and we will be ready for primetime.

My 8 year old is going to fill the transparent payload section of his Custom Rockets Orbitz with those little glow sticks, and see how that does. I think this is going to be REALLY COOL!!