Any interest and looking for Beta testers.

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rocket trike

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Nov 5, 2002
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Hello Everyone. I have a few desings and I have had quite a few request for a low price high flyer. This is what I came up for a kit. I call it the Attitude oh I mean Altitude adjuster. It is a 18mm min dia rocket that stands 14 1/4" tall and weighs .5oz. It has a projected altitude of over 1600 feet on a C6 motor. This kit will come with a hand turned Balsa nose cone, 1/16" Balsa fin stock, 1 1/2" X 18" Mylar streamer and waterslide decals. We will be selling this kit for $5.29 plus shipping. Please let us know if this sounds like something that you would like. If it is not I will release another rocket first. I will be releaseing the Lighting strike with 2 months. I cna not release this kit sooner as I am still working on getting the parts.

I will post a picture of the unpainted rocket on this thread.

I am also looking for 2 more people to do a Beta test on this rocket for me. It will be ready for Beta testing next week.

You cna e-mail us at [email protected]

Thank you
LOL! That looks almost *exactly* like my son's design for his NARTREK Skylab requirement. Very similar fins, but he's using an 18" BT-20 and conical nose from FlisKits. He plans to paint it black with two red dots on the nose - calling it the Cicada in honor of our recent plague of locusts.