Any INfo on the annual LDRS event?

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Feb 29, 2004
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Does anyone know any info on the annual LDRS event for this year ? I heard it is in New York and thats where im originally from .. my family is still there .. so im very interested in finding out more about it!

Mrs. B,

Try I haven't looked it over for content tho...

I went to LDRS22 as a wide eyed newbie in the sport. It was way cool. We just went for the first day. Saw the kickoff launch of 40 or so rockets. Saw lot's of big stuff. It was totally awesome!!!:D

I hope you get to go and maybe you could drag along Mr. B!!:D :D

Thanks for the info on the site addy guys.

Unfortunately it is New York but about 8 hours from where my family lives .. But if we get adventurous we might just have to leave the kids at my moms and hit the road for a few days! Infact that doesnt sound half bad. lol