Any info on S.A.R.G.?

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Rick James

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Aug 31, 2004
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Is anyone here a current or former member of SARG (the Sacramento area NAR section)? Does anyone know their status?
A few hits but no replies... I guess SARG is dead... It's listed on the NAR section web page. I wonder how many others are dead?
i actually got an answering machine once...i tried the hobby shops that were listed on the website, but they haven't dropped off any flyers for years...

i see Jeff Proschold at the launches, so he's still flying.

Lunar seems to be the closest group (to me) that has a field. when fire season is finally over, i want to try to get to one of their launches.

the tripoli central valley group also has launches reasonably close to consider.

my favorite is aeropac and the black rock launch location.