Any clues?

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Jan 27, 2009
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I don't know what happened. I used Kilz primer and waited 48 hours before I sanded. I just do't have any clues what would cause this. It was not humid at all.
Well, kilz is always white, right? So did you sand through? if not, whats exactly the problem? i just see white spots...:confused:
Oh, i really see it in the second photo.. Wow, i have no idea what happened.. what kind of tubing?
Looks like the paint wasn't compatible with the primer. Whose paint did you use?
Oh, that might be it.. When I used kilz, i put on a spray on krylon primer for my krylon paint, just in case. You may want to do this in the future..
Drom what I underdstand, Kilz has some Hygroscopic tendencies when dry. That is, it absorbs moisture. Was it very humid around the time you painted?

Just for grins, to rule out incompatability, try shooting some Kilz on a piece of Plywood and then color coat it with the same paint. Let us know the results...
thats odd,I just painted my Rastrocam with krylon over Kilz primer and it worked fine.. I waited a week before I did the krylon ,mabey it wasn't fully dry?

that kinda looks like fisheye...
Is there any chance the rocket got spattered, splattered or sprayed with silicone or something oily during that 48 hours of dryimg time?
It wasn't around anything for it to get splattered. I have the used the same can of paint on kilz and it worked fine. this is really confusing. this is the first paint job that has come out looking bad that I did not mess up.:D