any Acer ASpire one owners out there?

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Sky Pyrate...
Jan 24, 2009
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I been looking to get a Acer Aspire one netbook 1.6G speed, 1 gig ram 160gig hard drive, Wifi,
most the reviews are good, and they have Windows XP installed and can be upgraded a little.

My question is how do they handle other programs like Rocsim, Corel draw or small CAD programs.

Any feed back out there?
I've got an Asus Eee PC 901, the innards are basically identical to the Aspire One. Rocksim 7 runs fine on it, sims aren't noticeably slower than on my desktop. IMO the real limiting factor is screen size - there's not enough vertical space to properly display the rocket details and the 2d/3d drawings at the same time. Fine for a few quick sims at the field, but I wouldn't want to be designing any complex projects on it. I suspect it'll be the same with CAD/drawing applications too... The hardware can handle it, but the screen size will make it a bit awkward.