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Jan 19, 2009
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I just saw a segment on Turner South after the Braves game on launching anvils. There were 2 catagories.
Classic: Mount an anvil upside down, pot black powder on the base between spacers, and place another anvil on top.
Unlimited: Build an anvil launcher, typically a solid hunk of steel with a hole for the powder, load launcher with BP, and place anvil on top.
All anvils must weigh at least 100 lb. and be made of non brittle steel. Ignition was by "light fuse and run". Scoring was (altitude - 3*distance from launcher) of the landing. Altitudes were in the 1000 ft. range. High score wins, altitude determination was calibrated eyeball.

I doubt any had ATF permits for their BP;)
Originally posted by Rocketjunkie

I doubt any had ATF permits for their BP;)

Probably not. But yet, we need ATF permits to use just a few grams in our rockets, I don't get it.:rolleyes:

What gives:confused:

I guess I'll never know what makes the ATF "click":rolleyes:
Sounds like the Willie Coyote Invitational. If an Olympic judge can get stuck by a javeiln at the games, I could imagine a dented head...
I've seen "Anvil Shot"s at buckskin rendezvous <-not sure how to pluralize that.
They were demonstrations that only went maybe 20 feet high.
Pretty cool though.
Pretty good bang.

from an ammo shop...nice little 1lb can...
just needed to write my name and driver's license number
i saw the anvil shooters on tv, looks a bit sketchy... I havn't heard that in a while ...

.....or better yet .
hey ya'll ,,,hold my beer ,,and check this out
I have quite a few friends who are blacksmiths, and I've seen videos from them of "anvil shoots" at blacksmithing conferences. Talk about borderline crazy stuff. And, yes, I've seen videos of shoots that went up several hundred feet. Yow.

The trick appears to be in setting the "launch" anvil up so that it goes up more-or-less straight, and won't curve off into innocent bystanders on its way down. The good thing, I suppose, is that this is a launch you can do with no regard whatsoever for the wind. ;)
Just out of curiosity, what ingredients would go into a new beverage called an "Anvil Shot"?
Have to be extremely potent.

And you could make the 'dry ice cube' in the shape of a little anvil.:D

than the first comment in the morning.

.."dang..I feel like I've been hit by an anvil..!"
Next event...... Chevy small block lofting.

By the way, I'd be more afraid of the Dave's Insanity than the Everclear! ;)
That's easy

1 1/2 oz Dave's Insanity Sauce
dash of Everclear

For god's sake, don't shake! Handle very carefully.

Dust the rim of a glass with APCP and pour.

At this point a review of your financial preparations for your family might be wise.

Funny thing, the first time I heard about Dave's was from a hot sauce phreak I worked with. I dipped a coffee stirrer in the stuff and licked it off. Yipe! I ran, tears in my eyes, yelping to the cafeteria where I polished off three bagels and 2 cartons of milk.

Wow, I get the sweats thinking about it.