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May 3, 2015
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ok I'm getting the atlus telemetrum its on its way and I was looking at Omni directional antennas so I can mount it on a trailer that I'm planning on getting soon. I'm looking at the tram 1486 is that a good one or is there a better one under $200.
I use a 70 cm collinear that I made myself out of copper pipe, copper fittings, two wooden dowels and a couple pieces of brass rod. Omnidirectional and works like a charm. It is about 6 feet tall and mounts to a wooden bracket/holder on the door of my enclosed trailer. I think total cost was about $15! Plans with dimension calculators are available on the web for many versions of this collinear J pole. Have also used it with a big red bee 70 cm gps to 23,000 feet with no issues, full quieting reception to the top. I have arrow yagis both 3 and 7 element but use them usually just when out on recovery.

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sorry went to bed
yeah I know about the hand helds but I only have 2 hands I would be using my phone and holding the antenna then a laptop and when I get to the rocket I need 2 hands for the rocket that's why I want to mount it but then you need an Omni directional. with the teledongal BT my phone would be getting it too and I would have gps on my phone to walk to when im there put my phone up and my laptop would have palmary tracking so people can see will im getting the rocket.
rms I've thought of making 1 but the one in my first post is 55 to 80 depending on were I get it from.
My TeleMega runs 70cm band. 434MHz or thereabouts.

The antenna I purchased was a bit more expensive ($99 on Australian dollars) but it was higher gain and the multiple center-loading coils make it less dependent on having a symmetrical ground plane for reception.

The extra gain is worth having for higher flights or getting more packets through as the bird flails around during descent (Tx antenna moving about affects link strength).

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