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Aug 5, 2002
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I decided against the 4" Sandhawk because I didn't have enough fin stock on hand, so I designed a regular 4FNC rocket. Thanks to Daveyfire though for getting me the RockSim for the Sandhawk.

Loc 4" tube, 17" payload section and 34" fin can section. 24" Fiberglass motor tube (I was out of 2.1" LOC, but had a full length coupler on hand so I rolled my own), 4 1/4" plywood fins, Perfectflite MAWD altimeter.

Tubes are all glassed, nosecone from my Onyx project. This rocket will be used to test fly big 38mm and all sizes of 54mm experimental motors.

Pictures as I go!
That's alot of spare parts!:D Good idea though!Man, I wish I had that much extra stuff!