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Jan 26, 2009
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After seeing Styme's post, I just wanted to show my Sunward Maverick as well. I made a few small mods, including modifying for a D engine adding nose weight, and changing the way the wings went onto the body.

Instead of using the paper tabs on the top and bottom, I reshaped the root edge of the wing and tail assembly to wrap into the body tube, which made for a nice wide glue area. I used tabs on the bottom and attached each wing/tail as one piece, using white glue. This made for a very fine seam to fill at the top and (at least to me) some strength throughout the wing root.

I finished the model in dark blue and made the large US NAVY decals and striping with yellow vinyl tape. Finally, I found a blue angels model on ebay for a couple of bucks, just so I could have the script "Blue Angels" and badge/shield.

I was hoping to fly this weekend, but looks like a storm may be heading this way.
most excellent job !
yes indeed, the tabs and intakes make the wings and tail very strong.