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Jul 15, 2004
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Me and the kids, my 18 year old daughter wanted to go as well, launched another round. Sent the Recoil up with A8-3's. Three (more) perfect flights.
Sent the Nike-K up with B6-4's. Three perfect flights!
[Recoil is the RTF that came with starter kit.]
I forgot the masking tape or the Semroc ThunderBee would've had her maiden flights today. :rolleyes:
Kids had a great time.
Revised the webpage, Boy, those frame grabs from the camcorder are cool!
Flown: Nike-K, Recoil.
Built: Nike-K, Baby Bertha, Recoil, ThunderBee.
Building: Ion Pulsar, Icarus (modded for D's & Video), Apollo - need parts.
To Be Built: Fat Boy, Storm Caster, Intruder, Mini-Cobra - I got some A0T engines!:D
Just another old BAR having a great time! :cool:
For my granddaughter I made up the Baby Bertha, painted it flat white and painted the nose flat black with a black stripe down the side. I put the BB 'sticker' on and then let her, with my youngest daughter helping, decorate it with crayons and whatever. The flat white was a great base for crayons and felt markers.
She loved that. I have to get some B's to fly her bird now.