Another good day for launchin!!


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Jan 18, 2009
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Well, after yesterdays BluesRocks launch, I woke up this morning, to more great weather. I had been given permission to use a small field a few miles from home, which was recently harvested and freshly plowed last week. So, I left all my equipment loaded in the van, grabbed a few different rockets, and headed over this afternoon to launch some more. About mid way through, I had a crowd of about 15 people watching and visiting (I live in a very rural area). I was able to get 11 more flights for a total of 25 for the weekend!!! Today's flights:
1. Estes Rattler 7 on a B6-4
2. Estes Big Daddy on a D12-5
3. Estes Skywinder on a C6-3
4. PML Tiny Pterodactyl on a F20-4
5. Estes Fire Streak on a B6-4
6. Estes 4" V2 on a F21-6
7. Estes Executioner (repaired) on a E9-4
8. Estes Snitch on a C6-0
9. Custom Aztek on a B6-0/B6-6 combo
10. Estes Hi Flier on a B6-4 (NARTREK parachute duration flight)
11. LOC IV on a G64-4

I'll have pics up and ready for both days by sometime tomorrow.