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Jul 12, 2002
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Ok, so maybe Ive inhaled too much AP smoke, or hangin with Carl has finally gotten to me, but here it is, the 'public' announcement of my upscaled A.C.M.E. Spitfire.

Yup, thats right, ive upscaled the spitfire, by about 2.5x. The BT dia is 5.375", Ox mailing tube, cone and shroud both glass, internal cr's 1/4 pine, anything thats gonna be exposed to the outside is birch, namely the fins and the rear 2 cr's. 54mm mount is the biggest single tube i could fit in to it, but i'm thinking or putting in 6 29mm tubes around it in the bottom section, for future airstarts. Not sure what its gonna fly on yet, nor what the paint scheme will be...

Thanx to Carl for support, Jim for the great rocket design!

ok, so i'll bet you guys want pictures, dont you?

here ya go!

Scott McNeely
well *this* is going to be an interesting thread to follow :D

When/where do you plan to launch this???

being optimistic: NARAM 46, realistic: LDRS 24. It will definatly make it to a QUARK launch or two between now and then, if to do no more than just grace the canopy...

Scott McNeely
About a year or so ago someone emailed me about 3 or 4 upscales they were going to build. I never heard anymore about it. I think it was the Alien8, Stiletto, SHX-15 and something else. Anybody care to fess up? I'd like to see them.

That all crooked rocket is just crazy! Where is the symmetry!!

KewL:D :D :D

We're going to have to get together and have a HPR Fliskits launch!
this is gonna be one awesome rocket")
Its looks great so far, keep it up
Scott - that is awesome! I can't wait to see that at a Quark launch sometime!


Great job so far man...I like the design and the size seems just right. Can't wait to see it launch locally!

Good pics,

Looks like im gonna go visit Ross tommorow to get the main motor mount tube, so once i get that im probably gonna start throwin some epoxy at this thing...

on a another note, i found out that you cant make a 54mm and 6 29mm cluster CR with a fly cutter... needless to say i now have pieces of CR all over the shop... guess im gonna be palcin an order with BMS somethim soon.

Now a question for those of you with an ACME, where is the CG if your model? i wanna make a note of the range of the CGs that are stable, so i can make sure mine falls within the known range.

Also, what would be a good paint scheme for this thing?

Scott McNeely
Id suggest painting it the exact same way as the origional model , but with the ACME being a detailed kits i'd say a deep metalic blue for the whole rocket , with metalic copper flames from the nosecone down wards :p
Originally posted by Karl
with metalic copper flames from the nosecone down wards :p

WOW would you have flames from the nose cone?
No i mean , spray the whole rocket the matalic blue , then make a stencil of flames , put onto the rocket , then spray it in copper metalic :D
hmm, i like that idea Karl... im thinkin maybe in keepin with the ACME theme i might do a different schemes on each tube, make it look like i took extra tubes that were layin around the shop to make this thing...

you wouldnt happen to have a picture of a good flame would ya?

Scott McNeely
Well, best I can tell, you Fliskits upscalers range from Georgia to Ohio...where oh were is there a HUGE field right in between...hmmm

I would like to propose that you guys think about showing up at Mid Tenn Turf for a Music City Missile Club/HARA launch (or Southern Thunder 2005)

Those of you who have already finished your upscaling of the best modrocks on the market (from the most generous company too ;) ), I hope you all know that you are personally invited to show off your work at Southern Thunder 2004 1-2 May 2004. Details are at the website

Hope to see you there!!!
Thanx Karl, thats just what i needed!

Just an update, ive not forgotten about the ACME, im still waitin to get a motor mount from Ross... im gonna catch him in his shop one of these days...

Scott McNeely
ok, so its been a little while since ive done anything with the ACME, but i FINALLY got a bunch of tubes from Magnum, and i now have the main tube structure epoxied together.

<edit>Pictures are on the site, enjoy!

Scott McNeely