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Jan 30, 2009
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I was checkign out of my local wamart hell t and noticed these little divers with 20 inch nylon parachutes on them for only $1 I thought I would share them with the rest of you.


I used on a 20 oz rocket I built and it worked great I would suggest tossing a stitch on the yellow rope that connects to the chute the stitch is well what you would expect for $1 .
What rocket did you use? Also mine look a little larger - do you have the dimensions.

I bought 3 of these last year. I think this is an interesting idea to keep from using shroud lines. They unfortunately do not pack very tightly. I was able to recover a Big Bertha using one however on the next flight the chute did not eject from the tube and it came in ballistic. They are a bit heavier than your normal chute and I'm sure there is a good rocket for them - I just haven't found it yet.
I used mine in a big daddy and a scratch build junk rocket I made form pringles cans and foam core. It worked great in both however the one i used was damaged when junk rocket tore a lug off and went face first into a tree :( rip. when I measured mine it was like 19.5 inches across.
I bought a couple of those last year, but never used them. The kids took them out of the "rocket box" and had fun at the last launch. So, if nothing else, they are cheap entertainment for the kids.