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May 2, 2009
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Hi, i'm Rob and I'm a Rocketry Addict...

looks like i found a cool place to hang out while i wait for the glue to dry.

I got my start in the late60s/early 70s with Estes kits, graduating to E and F power by Enerjet briefly ;) before retiring from the hobby.
A couple years ago, i was at the local flea market and spied a box half full of rocket motors. i offered 20 bux and after a brief spate of haggling, walked away with the box of BP motors with a few APC monsters mixed in...20 dolllars for about 100 motors, about half D12-5 and the other half a3-4t, a handfull of A,C,B, 3 aerotech 18mm e motors, and a MONSTER (compared to the others) G40-10W!

if they don't all grenade on me, i'll be a happy camper.

so, the box of motors sat in my garage for a couple more years before i was sitting here at the computer thinking about a CP rocket dad got for me, a Vashon Valkerie 2, and i started looking around the web for parts to build one...looks like a few of us old guys are interested in doing the same thing from the ending prices of the auctions i've found. :eek:

One thing led to another, i got the box of motors from the garage and sorted the stop, a trip around town to the various hardware stores to see who carries rockets...i finally found a small selection at Ben Franklin and selected three 18mm size rockets and a little guy to burn up the small motors in. I built those 4 models in a few hours and was itching to build some more...I got online and searched for a model that could take the big G40 powerplant. I settled on an aerotech Cheetah though it might not be the best choice since it is their "highest and fastest".

It should be here on Monday in the brown truck...

well, that wasn't enough for a TRUE addict...

I hit the local hobby shop and picked up a pack of bt-80, bt-60, and bt55 ( i should have cleared em out of the other sizes too ;) ) got a motor mount kit, a couple packs of nose cones, some balsa fin stock, some epoxy, ca, and ran for the hills!

well, i know i am among like-minded folk here after reading several posts...


So, i have constructed a 4.7x upscale of a Mosquito (how was i to know how overdone that one is...) with 3 24mm mounts...gonna take a bit of nose weight to make it fly right, but i am pretty sure it's doable! an Alpha upscale turned into some kind of lawn dart looking thing when i cut the body tube a bit short and/or made the fins a couple sizes too big; i think the big fins might help keep it in sight with the 24mm motor on the list, a Scrambler without a payload section (yet?), a 1.4x sprint, and another that i can't quite id, but it looks familiar...

i seem to be building all the old models i liked so much as a kid in bigger, better form.

i've already passed the level 2 cert test online (ok, just the parctice questions).

i guess i should tell you guys about the other details that might be of interest.

I am 42 (i'll be 43 in july), have a wife and 5 year old daughter, i run a heart monitoring service from home. i earned an AS in Chemistry at Sierra College in 1993, i minored in Photography and was selected Student of the Year in Photography, also in 1993. I acted in many of the stage plays while there, performing in A Streetcar Named Desire (Stanley Kowalski), The Miracle Worker (Cpt. Keller), Ghosts, and several others...I own 3 Ford Mustangs (two of them are pretty fast) that i drag race at the local track when i can.

that's about it...i mean i could go on for days...i've had almost every hobby there is...r/c planes, cars, fish, snakes, rock climbing, cycling, running, lapidary, gardening...the list goes on!

Welcome back to rocketry and to TRF! That Skeeter looks schweeet!
First of all, welcome to TRF, and welcome back to rocketry.
As you've probably noticed, some things have changed over the years, and some things have stayed the same. Hope you enjoy your time here in the forum, and your time on the launch sites even more!

Second, that's quite a nice collection of scratch-builts you've managed to amass there... now ya gotta find some clothes for those naked bodies! :D

I bet 3 G's will do a number on those large balsa fins though :D
Yep He's one of us:D
Great looking rockets.
Welcome back to the hobby and to TRF.:)
to hold some of the nudies together, especially the skeeter eater!
that's one reason they aren't painted...
the other is, all i can find is a can of gold krylon spray paint and a bunch of little testors bottles of enamel

next trip to the hardware store, some light fiberglass cloth/finishing resin, enough spray paint that they'll prolly give me an odd look...think i'm a tagger or something...and a launch rod of some sort.

yeah, a lot has changed...i read the rocketry faq. I really like the idea of this high power rocketry thing...though living in california, i think it may be a problem finding launches. I did find a 'local' club that has a launch site about 100 miles from here. I'll have to stick to local football fields and smaller motors for now.

anyway, thanks for the replies!
Where in CA are you? There are a couple local clubs here in SoCal, and I know of at least one up in the SF area...

Grass Valley
near Sacramento
i have the SARG membership application filled out and ready to go, but they don't seem to do any high power. I did find one in the bay area, petaluma i think. they do HPR, so i'll have to get together with those folks once i get up to speed.
Welcome back to the fold and welcome to TRF (you're going to like it here :) )

I will say *this*..., when YOU come back to a hobby, you come BACK! LOL

great to have you here! have fun
it's a lot easier than working on my car, and it seems like every mod i do to the car costs 500 bux...this is much less painful!

from looking around the site, there are some very talented modelers and rocket scientists here. I already know i'm going to learn a LOT by hanging around.

thanks for having me
I thought this forum was supposta be family-friendly! Get some paint on those birds before my mom freaks out!:D ;) :p

Those are some nice looking birds! I really like the Mosquito... But you cant fly it on G37s. In the pic you posted, it looks like you put motor blocks it:( . The G37 is something like 7" long... A good 3 or 4" longer than the Estes motors.:( You could get some E15s or E30s from AT and cluster those... They are the same size as teh Estes motors.

Welcome to the forum!:cool:
i was only thinking about burning up al those D engines i have sitting around.

there's lots of room in the nose for weight tho!
it's only going to take 15 grams of nose weight to be stable on 3 D motors, with 3 gs hanging out the back it will be like a chad-staged mosquito on takeoff. i'll run it thru rocksim and see if a reasonable amount of nose weight might compensate.

there was a motor in the rocksim database (g200?) that put this baby up at over 900 mph! of course, the model isnt' constructed to handle such forces...but it is interesting to consider.
That was a Kosdon motor, wasnt it?

CHAD staging... CHAD staging... Good idea! CHAD stage it!!:cool: Thattl get you a little more altitude!

I suppose you could have the g motors hang out the back... That might actually work...