Another 7.5" Sonotube rocket

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Aug 5, 2002
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You may remember the 7.5" Sonotube rocket that I was building. I was told AFTER I built it that I am supposed to peel the inner layer of wax paper of tubes. Thank goodness I was told though, because there is no way the rocket could have handled the 75mm, 3500NS L motor. So, with the 48" section of tubing that I recently glassed, I am going to try again.

3" motor mount, Bruiser-like styling, and either apogee deployment, or dual deployment from a single tube using a Defy Gravity Tether clone.

Will hopefully fly on either a K550W before LDRS, then on the L motor at LDRS. The motor will probably be a Red formula, with an impulse of about 1000, or in otherwords an L1000R. Should be cool!

Here's a preliminary Rocksim file.

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