Another 20 yr-old rocket emerges from the lab

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Fore Check

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Sep 24, 2010
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Finally dug this one out to have a go.

As an Estes skill level 2 kit, it was suprisingly difficult to finish - the decals were a real PIA! (Speaking of the decals, I need to get some decal setting solution to get a few stubborn curled edges to lie down......) If any of you out there are planning to build one of these, I'll be glad to give a few tips.

I had to scrap a couple of decals that I'll replace after I get to the store to get the necessary "material." Bonus points if you pick out which ones!

Anyway - I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.

Here's a shot so you can see the four "lower" fins and the three "upper" fins.

Estes kit #1357
And here's the same view with the flash. Kinda imagine somewhere between these last two to imagine how it looks "in person." Difficult to capture that with a flash camera indoors....
Beautiful finish FC! The flash/non-flash pics really show the depth of the colors. Well done!
Originally posted by n3tjm
Very Nice. Is that a two stage rocket?

It is a single stage rocket with a "two stage appearance." BT50 based, flies on a single 18mm motor.
I added the missing "decals" by substituting bits of automotive trim pin striping tape. Too bad my wife has the camera and as at the Scrapbooking store tonight with her girlfriends for a "crop".....

They truly contribute; although subtile.