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Feb 28, 2009
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Well I had to have someplace to peddle my project.

My AIM-47A scale model rocket kit project is 98% ready.

Test flights were conducted this past weekend (brisk breeze)
and all went great!
Super take-off, excellant flight cruise, perfect deployment and recovery with zero damage. (Well, the lush green grass helped too)

Check out

Kits are set to ship on June 1.
USPS Priority CONUSA only.

Its a limited production run, so first come first serve.
I know it seems pricey, but laser cut fins, slotted tubes, and accurately turned custom nose cones add up fast.
Did I mention the SCALE DATA included???

A dimensioned drawing of the real thing and full-size (8x10) laser-prints of several photos from my archive collection.

TRF'ers are the first (and only) to be notified.

Just worked for me.

Looks like a nice kit, good job Ctimm!
Originally posted by CTimm
TRF'ers are the first (and only) to be notified.

Well, the first anyways.
Had to tell Scaleroc folks.
Couldn't forget HUVARS folks.

Dragging my feet on any sort of rmr notice.