Annother Baby Bertha Bash

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Jan 21, 2009
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yet annother thing to do with the Baby Bertha
an Estes Alien Space Probe Downscale
The original is a BT-80 so I just multplied the key dimensions by.63

heres the original plans

I reworked the decals to fit an overall white paint scheme
and tweaked them down to size,,the dowels scaled down to .100 dia , I happend to have some .100 evergreen rod and it worked out well !! also the body tube was trimed to 6"
I kept the 18mm motor mount,,
It only took about 2 hrs to build(aside from fillets)

Next step, filling,sanding,paint and decals
Nice! Makes me want to thumb through some old catalogs to see what else could be done.
wow thats sweet! What are those at the bottom of the legs?
What are those at the bottom of the legs?

the original plan calls for 2 cardstock discs glued together

my foot pads are made from a fiberboard disc with a tiny centering ring glued on,I just wanted them to be a little stronger

the void eventually gets filled with glue-soaked tissue
a thin layer of filler and sanded
Awesome ... I was gonna do an upscale Mosquito but this kit-bash has me re-thinking that plan of attack !
what I did to finish

Krylon gloss white ,than a layer of Future, applied Bel Decals
than coat with annother layer of Future

came out nice and glassy
that alien space probe is awesome!!!!!!! I have the original from back in the day (albeit in a few pieces).