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Jan 21, 2009
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My Big Daddy was ready for paint this morning, so I broke out the airbrush and tried out some more ideas.

I started with 2 colors to mix and play with, I came up with an "inbetween" color.
with all the priming and sanding done, I sprayed a base coat white. Than I sprayed the midsection with the middle color
I used some pinstriping to lay down a random curvy line, that will seperate the other colors, no planning just thinking up something as I go
I mixed some more of the Fuschia color with waht was left in the bottle from the first color. A hair dryer is used to speed up the drying and each color is sprayed in 3 or 4 light coats.It only takes a couple minutes between coats.
at this point the nosecone is done, so it is removed and the remaining upper section is masked off. the masking tape covers the pinstriping and a sharp blade is used to trim the excess. It's easier than it looks and only takes a few minutes.I just followed the ridge that the pinstriping leaves under the masking tape

flames and other designs can be done this way as well , I wanted something simple since it's just a stock Big daddy
the final color is sprayed, than after a little more heat setting the masking tape is removed along with the pinstripe.

the color under the pinstripe is subtle but obvious.the camera just doesn't pick it up well. after a couple days of drying it will be ready for clearcoat.. the dark purple section has an irridesent shade to it so it should really look good under the clear in the sun. total time from start to finish was about an hour.
Ok, I just read the instructions,(I'm fairly new to this the auto air brand) but the wife got a great deal on a 12 bottle sampler pack

it says to clear coat within a day so I'l spray it this afternoon
and post annother pic.
Thats a **** good job for one of the firsts times you've painted using a airbrush (IIRC?) I realy need to get some of this 'pinstripe stuff!
Now that's a good lookin rocket!!!! It doesn't look like someone's first attempt with an airbrush!!!!!
oh no, this is not my first attempt, this is the 5th model I've done
the first one was a disaster, so I did alot of practice spraying after that .I mixed up a batch of water with food coloring in it.
and practiced on cardboard. than I did the V2 in annother recient thread

My A/B is double action and internal mix so it took some getting used to.
I usually spray it wide open, so it's more like spraying with a mini spraycan.

once you get the paint right and the spray pattern nice and smooth, I'm sure anyone could do it.

I used to hate the painting part , but with the airbrush it's almost the best part..... besides flying !
Finished , I sprayed it with krylon clear
The wife likes it ,so it's now one of her rockets
Looks great, Stymye!!

Will I get to see it up close and personal this weekend?
I'll be there Dave,
this is the last launch I will be able to make for a while , I have alot of work at the shop thru January including some road work, so I plan to fly all I can this weekend.
I got to see this V2 in person Sat. and pictures don't do it justice. It really is gorgeous-- I was eaten up with envy when I saw it. It survived a recovery mishap in good shape per Andy!
Originally posted by Karl
Thats a **** good job for one of the firsts times you've painted using a airbrush (IIRC?) I realy need to get some of this 'pinstripe stuff!

That turned out really nice. What does IIRC mean?
Originally posted by kelltym88
That turned out really nice. What does IIRC mean?
Nice job, I missed this one the first time around!
If I Recall Correctly, IIRC means If I Recall Correctly......
That looks great! I just got an airbrush, and it's spring break, so I'll be doing some painting with it. I have a Wombat, a Canadian Arrow, a Stormcaster (Almost, I just need to glue on my launch lug), a Hi-Flyer, my upscaled Mosquito, and, once it's done being repaired, a Corckscrew. Anyone have ideas as to paint schemes? I'm thinking that I'll do my Mosquito in it's original's coloring, but for the rest, I'm open to ideas.

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