Animation of eclipse extent and exact time of max at your zip

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Well, I live only 73 miles from totality and will get a 96.7 partial, but I will take that.There is no way I'll try and drive those 73 miles down the Oregon coast on Hwy 101, so I will stay here and hope for the best. Being on the coast here at the mouth of the Columbia River we will probably have our usual morning fog, if not, it will be an amazing experience. Thanks Winston for the post.
I'm driving ~100 miles to the N Ga mountains that weekend for a family thing, and extending the stay until Monday night so I can stay in the path. I'm keeping my 11 year old out of school for it too. I think him seeing a total eclipse vs partial eclipse is worth the unexcused absence.

My big fear is overcast conditions and we'll miss the whole thing. That would be so disappointing.
79.9% at 2:41. I plan to be home with my kids. We have eclipse viewing glasses and have already looked at the sun.

Do not try to view the eclipse with the naked eye. Even if the sun is not super-bright, it can still damage your retinas. Use solar glasses or a welding helmet.
It's going to be a 7 or 8 hour drive for me.........and I think I'm going for it.

My plan is that I'm working the day before until mid afternoon. If the weather looks good, I'll call in a sick day for the 21st, then do a kamikaze drive north in the night, pull over some place on the side of the road, and sleep in the back of the van. See the event late morning (around 11:30am). Get back behind the wheel and drive home to be back at work the next day. I don't really care about being in "the perfect spot"....pretty much anyplace away from a city works for me, so I'll just drive down some minor road until I find a wide spot in the road. I figure there will be mobs of people pretty much everywhere, so no use trying to compete with them (or plan and pay) for something ideal. It would be great if I could find a nice little hilltop to sit on, but not a big deal if I don't.

I too know folks who have made plans (and paid big bucks for) up to a year in advance. I hope for them the sky is clear.

Side question: If you launch a rocket during the totality, does this count as a "night launch?".

Well, I punched in my zip code and got:
"The eclipse will peak at 10:18:12 am PDT, when the moon obscures 100% of the sun."
I think we will get one minute 53 seconds of totality at my house. I am looking forward to a night launch at 10:19 AM!