Animated map of total solar eclipse

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Planning to be in Grand Island, NE for this. Only 107 miles. Taking my Wife and Great Grand daughter.
We are going to hang out in the yard and then fly some rockets. We are lucky to live pretty much dead center on the eclipse's path.
Total within 20 minutes of my house and right over the Camden launch site.
Where I'm at in Tennessee I'll be in totality, but if I drive 45 minutes I can be in the center of totality, which will last 2 minutes, 39 seconds. I hope the weather is good, as I plan to take PTO and go to that location.
I've already booked a hotel room in Greenville, SC. I know it's not exactly dead center in the totality band but it will last for approximately 2 minutes, 10 seconds there. Good enough for me.

I'm probably going to rent a car though. My Dodge Ram 1500 has almost 158,000 miles on it. Not sure I want to put it through a 1,400 mile round trip.