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Dec 31, 2002
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Here is a chance to get some nice hardware from AMW...

I was not sure if I could post this here instead of the venders forum, as I am not the vender for this product...move it if needs be, but here it is:

+++ Zoo Animal Give Away ++++

YES......The AMW Zoo Keepers are Nuts!
(That or maybe they ate Skidmark's food again?)

It is the 1st Ever Animal Motor Works Spring Promotion

+ Free Animal Motor Works Hardware in April with a Qualifying Reload
Purchase. +

Buy 4 reloads (for the same size casing of either 54-1050, 54-1400, 54-1750,
75-1700, or 75-2500) and get a free hardware set for the reloads!, or

Buy 3 reloads (for the same size casing of either 54-2550, 75-3500, 75-6000,
or 75-7600) and get a free hardware set for the reloads!

Please visit our web site: for complete information

Thanks for your support.

Warm Regards.
Paul & Jim
AMW Zoo Keepers
Sweet deal... to bad I don't have any extra money... then I would spring for a J357WT, J450ST, J400RR, and the J480BB...
Man, I missed a lot while I was at boot camp. Am I right in seeing that Red Rhino, Blue Babboon, and Skidmark motors have been released?