And now, for something completely different...

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That is, indeed a very cool pic. Kinda like something you'd put up as a poster on your wall.
At first, I thought you were referring to this particular rocket from Descon 9...
And Now For Something Completely Different

(Which of course, is also the title of one of my favorite Monty Python movies...)

VJP...great pic man...I really like the effect. PHil...that site was WAY cool bro!


That Snelson rocket is amazing. It looks like I may have to bookmark that page and come back to it sometime... Yep... just did... amazing...:eek:

Oh by the way, I suggest you praise the Snelson, but when it comes time to vote, think of the Deuce XL5 :D
Originally posted by rstaff3
Vince, that is indeed a good shot. And that powers of 10 thing is really cool too.

As for a 'different rocket', Robert is up to his old tricks again. Check out his entry here

Wow... Yeah, Robert does a lot of interesting things :). I wonder if he plans to fly this at the next CMASS launch.

Very interesting indeed.