analog photography anyone?

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May 2, 2009
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in this digitally-intense society, how many hold-outs are there that love the grain and the techniques that make analog photography unique?

I have always taken great satisfaction from cropping my images through the lens, and printing full-frame.

here's my *working crew*
i also have about 100 old cameras as a collection...

the slides from the Mamiya, at 6x7cm, are WILD!
I personally like the feel of analog cameras. They also look cool. :)

I want to take it up as a hobby when I get enough money - photography, that is. Mainly rockets, of course, but other things interest me.

My wife and I currently use a Canon Rebel GS. Love that camera! It's so light, it's amazing! Plus, we have a couple of really good lenses for it.

I've seen the commercials for the digital Rebel, and my interest is piqued. Especially if it will take the lenses I have for my SLR...


The digital rebel will take the same lens as your rebel gs. The digital rebel takes great pics.

I guess I am kind of biased because that is what I have.

i tend to shoot a lot more digital these days.
almost exclusively.

for rockets, it's kind of a pain using digi-cams because of the inherent lag when pressing the shutter release button. i also have a 35mm Miranda that is fully manual and has decent enough optics.

i really like a fully manual camera because there are no batteries to fail and the shutter goes when you press the button.

darkroom work is great.
having total control over the final image makes you take the photos differently the next time through. in the color lab, you have a few extra variables, but since most labs are automated, processing is easier than b&w!

here's a link to my portfolio, there is nudity, but nothing that isn't purely artistic in nature.
all images were taken, printed, and scanned by me.
i have won various awards for my photography.
For Pictures - Digital is OK

Sony Mavica MVCD

For Photographs - Analog

Mamiya M645
Mamiya C330
Olympus OM1
Zeiss Contessa
Crown Graphic 4x5
Fuji something or another (wife's)
I have a Minolta SRT101
I need to clean it up and get a new battery for it
with some practice it takes really nice photos
I'm a huge fan of film photography. My primary camera is a Pentax ZX-M which I really love. It's surprisingly light, has autowind/rewind, and can go from full manual to full automatic -- and everything in between. I like that because it's allows me to have as much control as I want. It has shutter speeds up to 1/2000th of a second, and can shoot "rapid fire", taking two pics per second. I have three lenses for it -- the standard 50mm, a wide-angle 28mm, and an 80-200 zoom.

In my rockets I've been using the Olympus Stylus Epic for years -- great little camera. I liked it so much that I kept one for my own (non-payload) use. It fits in my pocket so it's easy to take anywhere, is unobtrusive and hassle-free. Perfect for family get-togethers, etc.
I also have a Pentax ZX-M, ZX-50 and K1000. I love all of them. I use them for my rocket pictures and when I photograph weddings. I have a lot of lenses, a couple zooms, a fisheye and a lot in between. I do a lot of landscape photography and I love my fisheye.

My fiance has introduced me to her digital - and I like that. It's good when I want to post pictures, but I love working in the darkroom.

I'm a photo purist and don't like the heavily photoshopped images. If you can't do it in the dark room don't do it!

I juts got my hands on an OLD Mamiya/sekor 1000 DTL camera, 210x zoon, SLR, has interchangeable lenses.

Workign cameras:

Some cruddy little film camera from a book order
Canon digital S1 IS
the Mamiya/sekor
Personally, I like the little shutter lag thing... I take the pic as soon as I see smoke, and by the time it takes the picture, its right in the middle of the frame!

They are the best liftoff pictures I have ever taken!

I have a Fujifilm S5000 digital camera, with a 128MB XD card. Its a great camera!:)

We also have several film cameras, but they dont get much use...:rolleyes:
What is this shutter lag you speak of? My camera has no shutter lag if you hold teh button halfway. My digicam has a 256 meg card, holds 2714 pics.
Yes, I know how many pictures yours can take. YOu have told me on several occasions ;) ;) :D

My 128MB only holds 275 pics... Dont see why anyone would ever need more than that, though...

Its just a little sluggish when you take the picture... If you know how long it takes, you can get exelent pictures from it... Such as this one of my LOC Legacy:D

NCR Archer shot on film...

I don't think I could have done that with my "little" digital...
I'm a film person and a digital person. However, I am about to purchase a new camera and it will be a 35mm film camera. I've owned many cameras (up to 4x5 size) as I have been in the photo business one way or another for many years. I currently have the use of a Mamiya RZ-67 (6x4.5cm and 6x7cm) camera and I love it. I have access to extremely high quality film scanners so I can digitize my work and make prints or CD's. The main reason I am going to buy the film camera I am looking at though is for rocketry photos. I can justify the expense of a high quality lens and a great film camera. Right now, the cost of a digital body that would be fast enough and have a full frame sensor is out of my price range. So, I will accumulate lenses and use the film body quite happily.

Also, I like to use transparency film and digital just can't give me what I need there. Plus, I haven't had much luck getting results from the compact flash card and my stainless steel black and white film processing tank. :D :D

I'm just hoping the local rental darkroom doesn't close up from lack of interest. :(

Len Bryan