An enormous x-wing fighter from star wars

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Nov 17, 2022
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Over the last year or so, I started a project that I was set to actually finish, now it is flight ready, takes a 24mm E engine, and probably dwarfs the Maxi-brute one from the 80s. People of TRF, may I present... THE 34.5 INCH TALL GIANT X-WING FIGHTER!!!!!!!!!!!!31BDA100-308D-4177-9BA2-32D730DD0F45.jpegwith a dual deploy system and taller than the Estes doorknob, this is the only project I have ever finished to the point of flight readiness.
Hopefully it flies better than previous attempts at larger than Estes scale X-wings, all of those ended in shreds as the fin flutter ripped the wings off.
It will probably fly straight for a longer time than that x-wing, I am expecting the same outcome, it will either fly up and the wings fall off and it comes down slowly or it flys like a brick and falls like a brick.