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Apr 24, 2004
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PML AMRAAM2 or LOC forte. wich is better

edit: i want to know about how good the components are,how good the instructions are and how well they perform
I'm kinda biased toward PMl after reading a lot of their reviews, so the A2. I odn't know much about the forte but I will look it up.
the both are very nice looking kits. the PML kits usualy use Quantum tubing. which finishes very nice but gets very brittle in the cold. I personally dont like it. but i do like the G10 fins with it though. they both are very nice kits. i say go with the one that LOOKS better to you.
I have a PML AMRAAM4 but hes right about the brittleness but my vote is still with the AMRAAM2 PML is a great kit the instructions are great but make sure you sand where your gonna epoxy at
PML and LOC make some of the best kits in the industry IMO. You asked a couple of specific questions. The PML instructions are more detailed than LOC. That being said, if you have built a few other mid/high power rockets you'll have no problem with either. Although I haven't had one fail yet, i don't care much for the LOC shock cord mount, part of the reason they haven't failed is because i only use them in their little kits, I use U-bolts in everything else. I think the QT that PML uses is stronger than any body tube i have ever used, besides glass reinforced tubes. PML chutes are better too, and the G-10 fins are BOMBER.

So, all that being said, it sounds like I think the A2 is a better kit, and I think it probably is, but I would get the Forte. I don't like building kits stock, and the more conventional paper tube and plywood construction gives more opportunity to customize the rocket. I like the 3" diameter of the forte and it's a little bigger. If i was going to take the time to do a really nice job building and finishing an AMRAAM, i would do a bigger one than the 2. I think Forte would be more fun for a sport rocket to fly a bunch, it's simple and looks cool. I plan to build one and glass the airframe so I can put something way too big in it ;) You really can't go wrong with either kit.
wooohhoo!! i just got some cash so now an A3 is a possibility or a 1/4 scale patriot. how good are these kits and how would they perform on a G. (yeah i change my mind a lot)
I ordered a 1/4 scale Patriot last week ;) Neither of these will fly all that well on a G motor. Heck they both top out around 1,000 feet on an H128W. You can go to PML's website and look at their motor recommendations for any of their kits. But to save some time, they don't recommend any G's for the A3 and the Patriot will fly on a G80 to 710 feet. Both of those are really L1 rockets. If you want to fly G's, stick to the Forte. It will rip on a G and handle at least an H if you want to. Either the Patriot or the A3 would make a great L1 certification rocket though... just something to think about. :D
The PML Amraam 2 will fly nicely on F and G loads. G64 takes it to about 2000 feet, according to PML's website. I've never built anything by LOC, but I've now built three PML kits, and they are awesome! Great instruction sets, and components are amazing.

I launched my A2 last weekend. It was its second flight.
Went quite high on a G75. I launched it in Feb. on an H128. Both flights where picture perfect.
I do like the A2 quite alot.
I have only built one LOC kit. That was a Weasel and although I don't care for the shock cord mount it is a great flyer.
The PML 4" Patriot is a nice kit. Excellent L1 cert bird on an H123 or H148R. As was mentioned rough up the QT where your going to epoxy. A little roughing up doesn't hurt helping the paint stick eigther.

The Forte is also nice. I'm currently building one to fly my RATT Works H70 in. So I've added an alt bay and a payload tube for the main chute. Should be interesting. Won't be done for LDRS though:mad:

But we have another lauch in Aug:D

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A forte would make a nice kit-bash...

1) Replace the kraft body tube with a Giant Leap or Red Arrow flexable-phenalic one

2) Build a bulkhead in with either an Aerotech-style baffling system or else a piston system like PML kits use.

3) Possibly upgrade the plywood fins with G10 fins. I dunno though...there wouldn't be too much left of the original kit after that, except the nose cone and the motor mount, heh.