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Borderline Sci

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Dec 10, 2004
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I am putting out a call for anyone in the S.E. Arizona area (to include S.W. New Mexico) that is interested in helping me start an Amateur Experimental and High Power rocket club.

I am a member of TRA (9868) and ARSA (329). There is no amateur clubs with in 200 miles from where I live. Tucson has a NAR club and they let me fly small commercial rockets only. They have an FAA waver of only 4500 feet. There are several potential launch areas nearby me that would be great for this type of rocketry. I have 8 acres that are adjacent to 160 acres. This property is in Palominas (between Sierra Vista/Hereford and Bisbee) that is perfect for doing static test and launches up to L. There are several other areas between Whetstone and Benson that would be great for up to P size motors launches.

If anyone that is interested in helping please Email me.
Originally posted by Borderline Sci
Thanks for the Move, I was not sure were this should go.

Neither was I... We figured it out, though. :)
Originally posted by Borderline Sci
OK People, I know I’m not the only guy here in SE AZ that likes to fly EX or HP…

You may be the only one.

AHPRA/XRAA does monthly EX launches in the Phoenix area, windows to 11K. We have launched up to O powered clusters on this site. We have members doing HTPB/AP, Sugar/KN, Hybrids, Bipropellant Liquids.
I realize this is a long drive
We investigated launching on the playas of SE AZ, such as Wilcox, and could not get a waiver to any real altitude. The flight paths to Tucson and Phoenix restrict all the best places.

I know that some of the SW AZ folks come out to the desert near El Centro in SoCal to launch with the San Diego clubs, but I'm not too familiar with the SE AZ area.

I have to go up to Phoenix (Rainbow Valley) to do TRA certifications. If I can get my L2 rocket done I will be doing my cert there next month.

I forgot that every time I fly back east that the plane goes over Wilcox. So the dry lakebed is out, any way I was told that the lakebed had hidden holes that would eat up big trucks or even people walking. This was from one of the old-timers that ran the bombing range out there. :(

Most of the areas I was looking into are under the no fly zone for the Aerostat and UAV areas. They don’t fly the UAVs much on weekend and I was hoping to get a lot of the UAV guys interested so we would know what weekends would be best for launches.
But for now it looks like it is up to Rainbow Valley… :rolleyes: