Am I seeing things...Saturn V $$$$$$

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I paid $69 plus S&H for mine. I got it a few months ago but I think they're still available for that price if you shop around a bit.
There is one on the clearance rack in my local HL, marked down to $60.00. I imagine they'll have to mark it down even more, just to get rid of it.
No one's bid on it at that opening price.

Most likely, no one will.

I picked up a case of 4 about 5 years ago, for $200. One of my better investments.:D
Well, I just wanted a second opinion. It seemed a little high to me as well. I bought one about a month ago (missed them the last time around) and paid 62.00 to the door!

I want another for modification purposes.:D

sandman's Sat 1B gets built first though....:eek:
A couple years ago I went in to the local Ace Hardware, and on a top shelf above the Rubbermaid stuff was a Saturn 1B for $39 ...

I hate to admit I have 3 of them, plus 4 Saturn Vs. And I couldn't resist the Apogee Saturn 1B -- beautiful kit. I gotta retire so I can build this stuff!

Anyone have a stockpile of Mars Lander and could free up one as part of a trade?

if you have loads of cash in your pocket, order the Estes Saturn V kit from the tourist store at Kennedy Space Center - $119!!!!


or if that's not enough, how about a nice Estes RTF kit for $79!!!
woooooow serioous cash is like 70 or 80 at the local hobby shop but I get 10percent discount. plus I am supporting my local hobby shop and dont have to wait for shipping so it wouldnt be that bad
Theres one at my local hobby shop for about $90 (???). Or maybe $120. I forget. I think it was $90, though. Either way, I cant afford it.:rolleyes: If anyone wants me to snag it for em, give the word. I think it says its some special edition on the box, but I forget. Something about a 40th aniversary editon (??????).:confused: Does it have any extra value because of that?
I got the Saturn V for $12.00 at Hobby Lobby. It was marked at $24.00 and I got on a %50 weekend.
We should start a rocket co-op. Make a list of names and wanted rockets with a low-ball price plus shipping. Print it out and when you go shopping, buy the rocket and then e-mail the guy and tell him/her you have it. If we all did that, think of the money we'd save!!
I am amazed at the prices some people put for their starting or reserve on items I see on both ROL and ebay. I got my Saturn V for half off at Hobby Lobby, $45...and am looking for the next sale in hopes they have another one I can build.

ROL auctions are a lot better than eBay, at least. I got my Saturn V for $42, and just won a Mini BBX tonight for $56. Between the two of them that's about $75 off retail.:cool:

eBay prices are generally outrageous and I rarely bid on anything there. May decide to SELL there, though!:D