Alway designed/BMS produced **Astrobee 1500** kit


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Feb 28, 2009
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Has everyone got one or more of these yet???
Have you built it yet?
Have any pictures of your built model yet?
If not, then I ask WHAT ARE YOU ALL WAITING FOR?????

They make GREAT gifts!!!
I've purchased 6 so far.

I screwed up the first one right off the bat by fill-n-finishing the fins before assembly. They warped and swelled. Too wet of a mixture I guess. After some sanding with 600 grit and a little pressing with a hot iron, they came back to life and will now fit into the slots like they were supposed to do before I screwed them up.


Actually, the fins will turn out better if you assemble them first without and sealing. Then seal them with thin CA or just primer. The grain is very small.

How about a BUYING/BUILDINGPIC FRENZY to show support for Peter's effort and to recharge his enthusiam as he makes progress on the SATURN V kit currently in development?

I've seen it primered and even though it has oodles of tiny lasered detail parts, it still can be considered a "builders kit", not just an "assemblers kit".