altitude for an Estes Executioner

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Apr 7, 2004
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Hey all. Wondering if anyone can predict the altitude of an Estes Executioner with a D12-3. Package says the highest altitude is 590 feet with an E motor (forgot which kind). Let me know.
I think on an E9, the Executioner would get about 500-550 feet. Either the 4 or 6 second delay works well.

All I fly mine on is E9's and I really like the way it flies. Nice and slow on the way up as the E9 burns for about three seconds

As for the D12, that'll get it up about 300 feet and a little bit faster as the D12 has more initial thrust than the E9.
I fly my Executioner on AT E30's. It moves real well. It must get close to 1000'? :D