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May 10, 2011
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Well, I just got bored, and when I get bored, and I am on a computer with rsim installed on it, evil things happen.:D

I also have some BT50s lying around, with a few cones to match...:D and because I lost my near-minimum diameter 2 stage D rocket at the last CMASS launch, I think I need another!!!:D So heres the plan: Make rocket according to rsim plan, stick D12-0 and D12-7 in, kiss it good bye, and get the camera ready!:D

I just fired my SINGLE staged D altitude rocket a few days ago (which shredded&landed on a roof), and that was cool... Its left me wanting more! So heres my rsim for the "ALTITUDE, ALTITUDE!" model! Anyone want to guess where I got the name? ;)

Im having some fun with this computer program... Is it easy to tell?:D

So... What do you think?
24mm huh? if ya had a timer....

G37 Neillllll... Geeeethirtyseven.....[/subtle]

Are timers that expensive? Maybe you could use the G in the booster if you cna find one without an ejection charge. Will composites work as a booster if you don't have a timer?
I think the ones that could fit in a BT50 are pretty expensive... I would love a G37, though... If anyone has one at the launch, I will trade pretty much anything in my box for one...:D And put it in that thing single-staged!!!!!!:D

If I can scrounge up an E9-8, yeah, ill do it. Its got a 5% chance of coming back, I might as well make it spectacular, right????:D You got one you want to trade? I just burned my last E9-8 in a flying saucer the other day... Maybe Ill buy another pack at Ray and Robins on my way to the launch...:D It would be a... Well... INTERESTING flight...:D

Is it hard to get the govt to OK a sub-orbital trajectory for a rocket under 1 pound????:D
Well, its half built now. I decided to put some little sticks of basswood on the booster fins so I can slide the sustainer onto those, and they will stay perfect in-flight.

I have got all the fins on, and the fillets are drying on the LL and one set of fins. No pics so far... THe ones I did take are way to dark... The flash on my camera is acting up again....:kill:
Neil, just so you know (not that you would want to make a two stage rocket with a G37 as a sustainer :rolleyes: ) you can get a Perfectflite timer that fits in an 18mm tube for $25.

small timer
Kewl! I might want to get one of those some time... Not for this, though.

I just got the first coat of primer on the rocket! I also sanded down the leading edge on all the fins.:cool: Pics soon!:D :)
Hi Neil
its way off topic but as you are a dog person now I thought you might like this pic.

LOL! Thats a good one! Howd they make it?

The rocket is done, painted and ready to go! I just need to buy a -7 second delay D12, and bring it to a launch!

Bad news: The USB cable broke while I was trying to load the pics... Ill try again with out new one in a minute... Then ill post! Promise!
Easy! Its vacation week!:D ;) I genneraly dont take much time finishing rockets... Especially AT kits... I made an AT mustang in 45 minutes one time...:D

Heres a pic!
Heres one of my fauvorites of this rocket so far...:cool:
Heres a pic of me and the altitude. The pic isnt too great cause I had to set the camera on a chair on self-timer... It came out OK, but not great... Its post-able, though!:D

It wouldent post, so I had to crop it down a bit....:( Heres whats left of it.
Oh, and the reason for the expression on my face is because I was agravated with teh self-timer function.:eek:

Heres a pic of my fin-setup. I glued little pieces of basswood onto the booster fins so I could slide them onto the sustainer and make fin-alignment perfect.
Where, and why? I have never had vent holes on my 2 stagers... Unless you mean to vent the pressure from flying so high... If thats the case, how wide should I make the holes?

This thing will be going about half a mile according to rsim, if thats any help.
what?!?! you always drill vent holes on two stagers so the ejection gases from the bottom motor dont blow the booster off before the sustainer ignites. There is an air cusion in between the two motors. When the bottom one's charge goes this air is compressed and the gases cant get to the sustainer motor because of the compressed gas and all this pressure blows the stages apart.

If you drill vent holes the extra 'stale' air is pushed out and the ejection gases ignite the second motor
From the size of the booster it looks like he's using the cellophane tape on the motors method. No holes needed.
I've only added holes when there is a gap between the two motors.
How do you get a hole in there? There isnt a gap! ;) Im just using tape. Its always worked for me.:D
Is it hard to get the govt to OK a sub-orbital trajectory for a rocket under 1 pound????:D
All my rocket flights have been sub-orbital.:D

So far.... :D :D :D
i was looking at the first couple pics and thinking it was a 4" airframe model that i was looking took me a sec to come to reality when i saw your pic holding it!

nice rocket!

It is kinda hard to tell from that pic from the bottom of the rocket, but still...

I wonder if my 4" diameter rocket will look like a 1" diameter rocket when I have more pics of it...:D
Ya know... A single-stage upscale of this model might be in order... Your commend about it looking like a 4" rocket... good idea! Thanks!

Ill have to try and upscale the measurements sometime... I think ill finish my Shadow and Flame first, though:D