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How do you finish off exposed couplers?

  • Thinned epoxy

  • CA

  • Don't bother

  • Other (please explain)

  • Thinned epoxy

  • CA

  • Don't bother

  • Other (please explain)

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Mar 7, 2004
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Im about to buy an altimeter and would like some input re which one to get

Im looking at:-

Blacksky Acctac 2c
or Perfectflite MAWD

Both are dual deployment and log data for download to PC

As far as I can see apart from price there isnt much between the two apart from the Perfectflite Main deploy is more user selectable.

Ok whats your opinion?

1) AltAcc uses an accelerometer and pressure sensor. The MAWD only has a pressure sensor. No need to mess with "Mach delays". Will provide apogee deployment up to some silly altitude (much greater than 25,000').

2) The 9V battery installs directly onto the AltAcc. With the MAWD, you need to find somewhere else to mount it.

3) The AltAcc mounts easily to the airframe.

4) The AltAcc has a built in safe/arm switch. You will have to add this for the MAWD. In fact, the AltAcc is completely self contained. No external battery or switches (Although there is a connector so that you can use an external battery and switches if you insist.)

5) The AltAcc is conformal coated. This protects the printed circuit board and parts from all those things that will be thrown at it: fingers, motor exhaust. etc.

6) You can download the AltAcc data to a Palm computer in the field. No need to lug a laptop with you.

7) The MAWD is smaller.

8) The MAWD is cheaper.

Disclaimer: I have used an AltAcc since 1999 and have never used a MAWD.
I have 2 MAWDs and have never used an Altec but I do like the MAWD.
One feature I do like with MAWD is apogee delay.
when using redundant alts. this prevents 2 charges from going off at the same time when deploying at apogee.
I imagine both altimeters are just fine and either will suit your needs.
Ok, thanks for all the replies,

I'll be making a chioce soon.

Looks like Ill be going for the MAWD
I do not suggest the AltAcc, personally.

I have seen many work, but I had terrible luck with mine, ended up lawndarting it. Just my experience.

I do highly suggest the Missile Works RRC2. We have one that has 20+ flights with a perfect record (knock on wood). Good price too!
A good thing to solve the battery issue with the MAWD is the MissileWorks battery holder. It is tough as nails and allows you strap the battery in very securely.

I am a big fan of the MAWDs (I have 2) and the price is right. I have always wanted to try an Altac but have never gotten around to it.
Well I actually got the MAWD, and have now flown it twice..Its very very good indeed. Easily adaptable and will fit in a 24mm dia airframe as long as you use a suitbale battery as a PP3 wont fit 24mm dia.

Simple to use, comes with mounting hardware / standoffs..The software is easy to use to, although u do need a serial port. If you dont have a serial port, then you can easily get a USB serial adapter, which I did and that works fine as well.
While I personally use the PerfectFlite products, neither of the devices you list is a clean fit into a PML CP3K system.

My L2 bird is a Sudden Rush CP3K and I bought the Co-Pilot to go with it.