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May 29, 2009
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I've been searching for a bit for connectors to use in altimeter bay of my next bird, and I have been drawing a blank. On my last build, I used a Dog House Rocketry wiring kit, and loved the ease of the quick connections. for my next build, I would like to have a altimeter sled that I can move from rocket to rocket, and thus need the quick disconnects for the bulkheads. What does everyone use? I am drawing a blank so far, as everything I have found seems to be too large for my liking.

Any input would be great!
Are Dog House too big? Binder Design sells them.

You can also use JST battery connectors.
I have no problems with the connectors Dog House uses! I only bought on wiring kit last time, and since then, I've been given a bunch of wire, so I decided to make my own wiring harnesses. I just had no clue what type of connectors to get. Thanks!
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As Chuck recommended-JST connectors are small resilient and cheap (check out rail for great prices). Also handy in attaching lipo batteries to the altimeter. In addition, Adept rocketry has small box connectors ( that I've used multiple times for connecting ematches to the altimeter. They enable external ematch connection without significant problems in removing the bulkhead cover.

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For now I've standardized on regular JST 0.1" pitch connectors *but* I don't use the pre-made wire sets as they are only crimped (sometimes poorly) and I've had them come apart with relatively little force. Instead I got the parts (pins and housings) from Digi-Key and assemble my own with both solder and crimp, using the good Japanese Engineer Inc. crimpers. Parts cost is ~17 cents per connector and they have been very solid. You can get Venom and perhaps other 2s LiPos now with JST output connectors too which is handy as long as you trust their assembly work.
Not to derail the thread, but what are the box connectors shown on the Adept website? i've been trying to find these for awhile and do not know what they are called. Thanks!
Not to derail the thread, but what are the box connectors shown on the Adept website? i've been trying to find these for awhile and do not know what they are called. Thanks!

Here's what it says on the Adept site:

The CAB2-xx Interconnect Cables have a 2-pin Molex type box connector at one end, and two pre-stripped leads.

So, it's just a two pin female Molex connector. They were used by the millions to hook leds, switches, and speakers to computer motherboards. They come in many configurations. Typically you slide them onto header strips, but in this instance it looks like you just slide in a piece of solid wire.

I would think it's from the KK series of connectors:*%2520396)&channel=products

Typically you buy the housings and the crimp style connectors separately and crimp them with a pretty expensive tool. You're much better off just buying them from Adept unless you plan to resell them.

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Another approach that also takes care of getting the signals through the bulkhead and connecting your charges outside of the bulkhead is to install small threaded rods through the bulkhead. You can get them in your choice of size and length here:

I like 4-40 size for this. If you crimp ring terminals onto your altimeter wires, then you have a solid connection that you can use to swap your altimeter in and out of your av-bay. On the outside you can just wrap your ematch leads onto the threaded rods and secure with another nut.
I like the #4 screws through the bulkhead too, it's cheap and easy. Be sure to use a jam nut on the inside to your crimp lug... if the screw comes a little loose and you don't have one, your connection can go intermittent.
Thanks Steve. I looked on the Molex site, but they have some many its difficult to tell what part you are looking at.
The batteries generally come with JST connectors, so I just use them when needed for battery connections. No point cutting off and adding new ones.

I think the Molex connector other people are refering to is the one in post #15. JST have something similar:

You can search for "connectors" to find a good selection of connectors used in RC and similar hobbies.
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The 4-40 rods or screw approach are very similar to the "thru bulkhead terminal block kits" sold originally by Dog House Rocketry for several years & now Binder design ( They also sell a kit in which the 4-40 screw terminals are integrated into the base of the BP charge wells ( Of note, the ematch is easily attached via small brass knurl nuts. You can purchase parts from McMaster Carr ( and make your own kits, if desired.