Altimeter baro testing

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Jan 20, 2009
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Dear Gentlemen,

I know that some of You test their altimeters prior to let them fly in a sort of home-made vacuum-chamber; I think that it is a great way to be confident enough with those mission-critical part of the avionics and I'd like to build my own. Could anyone help with pictures of their units and/or basic dimensions and layout? That would be a nice addition to everyone's ground support equipment.

Thank You in advance,

I have a Tillia Foodsaver Vacuum bagger-thinga-ma-jiggy for backpacking and it comes with these little canisters that you can vacuum seal. They are glass with a little port on the top. I throw my altimeter in there with the 9V battery and have my e-matches on the outside connected to a screw terminal set I ran through the wall and epoxied so it doesn't leak.

I hook it up to the Foodsaver and pump away. I take the tube off and then gently crack one side to slowly let air in. Then I can see when the e-matches fire. Works good for me :)