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Feb 8, 2010
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To those of you who are fed up with that “other provider” of online auctions,

My name is Brandon Bell, and I have developed a new website that may be of interest to you. (I am certainly no model rocketry guru, but I have flown my fair share of simple Estes rockets over the years.) I know many people have grown tired of using that giant online auction provider who will remain unnamed, so I decided to create

All auctions are ad supported and FREE at the present time. We will soon be adding a feature that allows you to pay to remove the ads from your listings.

Please take a few minutes to check out our site; find that kit you've been looking for or sell some of that stuff that has been sitting at the back of the hobby room.

Best Wishes,


I applaud you for putting in all the work to get a new auction system set up, and for finding a way to keep it "free" for most participants. This has the potential for being something good.

OTOH, part of me also laments that now we have yet another rocketry auction website. No, I am absolutely no fan of ebay. I hate that people have dumped their entire store inventory on there, and are asking plain old retail prices, and that the whole thing has gone over to paypal-as-first-choice with no provisions for using real money. (ebay should have just started a separate system called b-bay for businesses listing their stuff online.) The days of plain old regular people posting bargains on ebay are pretty much gone (and have been, for years now).

And we have another auction system through ROL, that hardly gets used. (At least, when I check it, there are usually only a dozen or so items listed.) Even for a website with a loooong history of rocketry participation, ROL's auctions just can't seem to really get rolling.

There are others out there, most all of which are hosted on good rocketry websites, with history (that is, we have some basis for "trusting" them), and with some knowledge of the hobby behind them.

And now we have another one. IMHO, maybe what we need (instead of another auction) is an auction TRACKING website that pulls in listings from all the others into one space, so we don't have to go scanning through a bunch of separate websites to see what's up for auction. Just my 2 cents-