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Mar 14, 2004
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According to ROL, Al's Hobby Shop is holding a monthly raffle to support the legal action vs. BATF: . They're donating all the items for the raffles.

Al's is the place the BATF tried to hassle for selling HPR motors, and this was one of the issues that the TRA/NAR lawyers went to court over on October 15th.

Rather than rolling over and making excuses for why they're not selling these motors (like some other vendors), Al's is not only continuing to sell HPR S/U motors as PADs as per the judge's ruling, but they're expanding their lines.

Al's is putting their money where our mouths should be. If you can't donate to the TRA/NAR legal fund directly, you could buy some chances in their raffle, or at least order from them next time you need something. You might be able to find things a little cheaper, but you're not going to find very many vendors who deserve your business as much as Al's.