ALRS V pics/brief report

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Mar 29, 2004
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As nobody has put up a launch report/gallery for the ALRS launch in Switzerland last weekend yet here goes...

My pics are here (following obvious album choice):

The ARGOS' guys are here:

Broadband recommended... there must be about a thousand pics!

Highlights were:
- A Dutch HPR Tintin rocket going into cruise missile mode and ploughing up a field :(

- A bigger Dutch Tintin rocket exceeding the speed of fibreglass :(

- Team Swiss Ariane 4 on an M1939, 2x K550, 2x J420/440? (redline equivalent of J350 whatever this is) :) The Ariane was a fantastic sight, and was mostly successful, with fully separating powered strap-ons, but the 2 J motor boosters had some ejection pressure escape out of the back end, so the drogues/mains didn't deploy. Damage is relatively superficial
(NB that's from what I saw, and what I translated from the German forum).
Pretty cool site there Andy.Just watched one of the Arian 4 videos.That was pretty awesome.Love the scenery there.too!