All work and no play makes for troubling trend in early education.

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Jan 17, 2009
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...What is your Suggestion

Suggestion for what? Do you put your three-year-old in Mini-MIT or a sandbox?

If that's the question, then find yourself a Montessori school and go observe the kids for a day or three. Plenty of play and social interaction, and plenty of learning (structured, though it does not resemble a traditional classroom setting) going on as well.

There are lots of alternatives out there - none come with a money-back guarantee that you're doing the "right thing" for the kiddoh.
Sorry guys, but you've been talking to a spammer who in all likelyhood hasn't even visited the forum since these threads were posted. His/her cunning plan was to improve their site's search engine performance by posting to a whole bunch of forums with links to their website.

I've only removed the spammer's posts, as I saw no reason to bin all the decent discussion going on in these threads.