3D Printing All Clogged Up


Papa Elf
Jan 21, 2009
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Penns Creek, PA
I had to service my 3D printer because it kept clogging causing poor printing and failed prints. After heating it up to 240 degrees, I removed the nozzle, removed the hose, and removed the fitting on top of the heating element. Then using the hose, I push out all the gunk that built up inside the heating element. After getting out as much as I could, I got some q-tips and alcohol to clean inside the heating element. Then I reassembled the heating element, installed a new nozzle, trimmed a couple inches of the tube, recalibrated the printer, and inserted the filament. Now I am 56% in a 20ish hour print job using PLA+, so far no clogs. I used my last nozzle and the boot needs replaced, but they have a pack of 10 brass nozzles and 5 boots for $11 with free overnight delivery. Can't beat that, so I ordered a pack of those. Don't really need the boot for PLA, but if I use any hotter plastic like ABS or PETG, the boot might be needed. I do plan on using PETG for something in the near future. (Anyone happen to have any spare PETG I can experiment with?)

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