Alamo Rocketeers February Launch


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Jan 17, 2009
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Apologies to the moderator if this is too small scale,

The Alamo Rocketeers will be having its February launch on 9 Feb. This is conducted by NAR section 661.

This will be a LPR and limited MPR launch due to the limited size of the field. You need not be a member to participate. There are no launch fees, only the expectation that you will abide by the NAR safety code and clean up after yourselves.

A prize will be offered for the rocketeer with the most succesful launches. Succesful is defined here as a safe flight which is recovered. The prize will be a 24mm Art Applewhite Texas Special Saucer.

We are trying to revitalize this club and build it up again. After the launch, which begins at 10AM and continues to approximately 2pm, all are invited to Bubba's Burgers for a Dutch treat lunch and to discuss the future of the organization.

Additional information can be found on the AR Yahoo Group:

and on the club's site:

You can get directions there. If anyone has any questions, please don't hesitate to send me an email [email protected] or even give me a phone call at 210-844-5600.

I hope some of you here in South Texas can come by. Aw heck, you yankees are welcome too!;)